Her Heart My Flag Show

Graphic Design | Mixed-Media

In 2015, I was part of a group art show called "Her Heart My Flag", which took an artistic look at a country through the women of that country. For this show, the theme was aimed to tell the stories of American women. There were six other artists featured at the show, including visual artists, a storyteller, a dancer, and a jewelry artist.

I designed, created and showcased a 3D art installation called "The Founding Mothers: Paving the Way," which celebrates 100 influential American women who have helped shape the course of history in the United States. By acting on their beliefs, values, and intuition, despite the social barriers, each woman contributed to the evolution of the American consciousness.

Paving the way for the next individual, these Founding Mothers’ actions, philosophies, and legacies will forever continue to unfold and manifest in each and every one of us. On the walls, I projected a slideshow that featured each of the women and an inspiring quote from them. I lined up each of the 100 dominos (in order of their birth) and at the end of the line of dominos was a mirror, signifying the power of each individual to make a difference. 

The process of creating the dominos included editing the women’s portraits in Photoshop, printing the portraits and transferring them to clear packaging tape, which I then applied to each of the dominos, one by one. This was a meticulous project but it taught me that persistence and stepping outside of your comfort zone will always get you the results that you envisioned. 

This installation is a tribute to the women that made a ruckus in America and also a tribute to my own ability to create change. Just like these female pioneers, every action that I do, every word that I say, and every thought that I think affects others. Knowing that, I want to be more intentional with what I put my energy towards and dream big. 

In the closing line of the poem The Summer DayMary Oliver asks a profound question that sums up the intent of this installation: “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

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