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Along with multimedia specialists Michael Myers and Crystal Cason from Encompass LLC, I had the amazing opportunity to design, develop, and facilitate a seven-day Digital Storytelling training in Phnom Penh, Cambodia for USAID’s Cambodia Office of Public Health and Education (OPHE) team.

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The goal of the weeklong course was to provide an engaging and interactive workshop for participants to create compelling digital communications products for three USAID implementing partners in Cambodia, which included the Chhouk Sar Clinic, All Children Reading-Cambodia, and Family Care First.

Throughout the workshop, participants learned about and applied the storytelling framework of the Hero’s Journey to construct engaging stories through film, photography, and writing. 

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I served as the lead videographer and co-editor and coached participants on the video production process, from conceptualization to the finished product. 

I designed my part of the course so that participants would receive hands-on practice with brainstorming the intent of the digital products, drafting interview questions, interviewing film subjects, filming with DSLRs, storyboarding raw footage and making suggestions to the video drafts.

The videos, which were filmed in Cambodia's official language, Khmer, also includes some b-roll footage captured by the workshop's participants. You can watch them below! 

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All Children Reading-Cambodia Video

Chhouk Sar Clinic Video

Family Care First Video

Photos from the Training

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