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I am a passionate advocate of education and after living in Washington DC for nearly 7 years, I was so excited to get back into the community and work with teachers and students when I landed my former role at DC Public Schools as the filming specialist on the IMPACT team. 

IMPACT, which is the DCPS Effectiveness Assessment System for School-Based Personnel, is also known as the teacher and school leader evaluation system. I worked on the Align team, which was created to provide professional development resources for teachers and principals on instructional best practices. 

I supported the development of the Essential Practices Video Library (EPVL), a new video resource on the online IMPACT Align professional development platform. I led the filming production and worked with subject matter experts to create over 50 videos that showcase instructional best practices and highlight what great teaching looks like across grade bands and content areas. 

The video above is the trailer for the EPVL that I storyboarded and edited. The brochure that I recreated below provides a short description of the featured videos in the library. 

I saw the importance of promoting education and lessons that develop the whole child, which led me to design and conceptualize a new series of classroom videos using a Human-Centered Design (HCD) approach. Titled “Foundations,” these new videos will showcase teachers who use effective teaching strategies for integrating social-emotional learning into the classroom.

In addition to leading the small film crew and serving as the team’s video editor, photographer, and graphic designer, I was responsible for managing the filming processes, systems, and equipment as well as building the filming capacity of IMPACT team members. I achieved this by providing ongoing filming trainings, hands-on practice, and immediate feedback to my team members. 

Below are a few examples of my graphic design work for IMPACT and the EPVL. I am proud that I was able to support the development of such a valuable online resource that will continue to influence the overall quality of education in the public schools of the beautiful city of Washington, DC, and beyond.  

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