The Great Fear

Huanghuacheng Great Wall, Beijing, China

When I was climbing down the Great Wall last year, I found myself focusing on my fear of heights and nothing else. My body was telling me that I was in danger, with my heart pounding and palms sweating.

All I could do was stare down at my feet as I descended down one of the greatest wonders of the world.

After a while, I realized that all I was seeing were the bricks underneath me and that I was missing out on the breathtaking beauty of what was right in front of me – the Great freaking Wall of China, with absolutely no tourists around!

It was only then that I allowed myself to relax and to take it all in.

And just like that, my fears subsided, like an enemy retreating from battle.

Most of the time, we get in our own way of enjoying the moment by focusing on our fears, the what ifs.

It’s easy to fall into this mental trap, because that’s how our brains are wired, to protect us.

It takes conscious effort to find the path of least resistance.

Sometimes, all it takes is simply looking up.

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