Being alone doesn’t have to be lonely.

As an introvert, a Libra, a Dragon, however you want to label me, I need alone time.

With Mike as my travel companion for four months, we would be with one another during each waking hour and at times, we would also be with friends and family. It was difficult to create space for that necessary time to turn inward and to just be me, without anyone to impress.

Being alone allows me to become more aware of my thoughts and my body, without the chatter of the outside world. And a chance for me to be lazy and not feel judged. Silence is a rare  occurrence these days and it is something that I need to continuously seek out. 

As our physical, mental, and virtual worlds become more noisy and cluttered, it’s important to know what our bodies and minds need to recenter, to heal. 

For me, one of my favorite things to do alone while traveling is reconnecting with water and surrendering to its ways. 

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