About - Jia Imagery



My name is Jia, but most people know me as Lisa Luo.

I am a visual storyteller, educator, and researcher who is passionate about promoting learning and creativity through the arts.

I capture the human experience through videos and photography. My interest is studying human behavior, which I was able to build a  foundation for during my studies in Educational Psychology and Economics.

During the last three years, I served as the videographer for District of Columbia Public Schools and created videos of instructional best practices to train teachers and principals. I am also a teaching artist, facilitator, and curriculum designer for digital storytelling and arts-based workshops that promotes social-emotional learning.

My hopes for my work is that it makes you pause for a moment and  to feel. Something - anything.  If my work stimulates you in any way and moves something within you, I am simply grateful for the opportunity  to connect with you on another level - to share my world with you.  Isn't it beautiful? 

I encourage you to poke around the website and check out my work, and let me know what you think! 

Photo by Edward Steven Perry
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